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Take a trip to the french riviera with grace kelly. See grace kellys 14 grandchildren and greatgrandchildren today. Cary grant plays john robie, reformed jewel thief who was once known as the cat, in this suspenseful alfred hitchcock classic thriller. When she was a young woman, she had entered her flowers into the flower show competition. When the area is hit by a wave of jewel robberies, he becomes the prime suspect and gets mixed up with a. Cannes film festival grace kelly pictures cbs news. Ruled by the grimaldi family since the 14th century, monaco has a colorful history and is still considered by many to be europes most. The 910squaremeter luxury suite takes its name, and its style pointers, from celebrated us movie star grace kelly, who became a princess when she. Theres also a connection between the french riviera and philadelphia in grace kelly. After becoming a major movie star, she married prince rainier iii of monaco in 1956.

Kelly grew up in the east falls neighborhood, in one of philadelphias wellheeled families. The untold story with her white gloves, aristocratic bearing and virginal air, grace kelly was hollywoods ice queen who rose to become her. Visit the princes palace and grace kellys tomb at the cathedral, or take a picture of. See grace kellys 14 grandchildren and greatgrandchildren. Grace kelly and prince rainier iii went on a nautical mediterranian honeymoon after their wedding in 1956, and exploring the french riviera by boat is still one of the best ways to experience it. Grace crypt monte carlo cathedral monaco principality french riviera. The 2020 philadelphia flower show channels the french riviera, honors grace kelly. The hollywood actress, grace kelly, lived in the principality and married prince rainier iii, becoming princess of monaco. Philadelphia flower show 2020 will take you away to the french riviera in the dead of winter. To catch a thief 1955 notorious cat burglar john robie cary grant has long since retired to tend vineyards on the french riviera. Gary cooper was 51 and grace kelly 22 when they made this picture and embarked upon a torrid offscreen affair. Cary grant and grace kelly pose on the french riviera during the filming of the. The 2020 philadelphia flower show will take you to the. With the controversial new film grace of monaco debuting this year at.

The festival is paying tribute to alfred hitchcock, who died on april 29, 1980. Nearly 60 years later, grace of monaco, a french production starring nicole kidman is set to revisit kellys royal tribulations when it shows at cannes. A sunsoaked drama about sexual possessiveness and jealousy. Visit the cathedral of saintnicholas where prince rainier iii married grace kelly. Grace kelly went from philadelphia to the french riviera, and next year you can do the same without needing to leave the city of brotherly love.

Two attendees of the philadelphia flower show theme reveal look at a portrait of princess grace kelly. Grace kelly 1928 82 american film actress who married prince ranier of monaco. Princess grace of monaco arrives to attend the 33rd cannes film festival on may 15, 1980 in cannes, france. Giselle marie madeleine tallone giselle pascal, actress. Grace kellys fateful trip to cannes ozy a modern media company. Known for her roles in alfred hitchcock films, grace kelly later married prince rainier iii. Southern france itineraries, group travel and trip ideas go today. The theme for the countrys largest and longestrunning. Cary grant and grace kelly pose on the french riviera during the. Uniting cary grant as a retired burglar with grace kelly, his romantic interest, this is the master of suspense working his magic at its finest. To quench that thirst for the summer, here are a few films that took place on the french riviera. Monaco, a tiny country on the riviera, between france and italy, attracts the rich and famous and fascinates everyone. Her story is almost like a fairy tale and to this day attracts crowds of tourists wanting to visit the grave of princess grace of monaco.

Grace kelly ties philly to french riviera at the flower. The french riviera is far from an undiscovered hotspot, especially in places like cannes and monaco, which can feel so overrun with seasonal attractions like. This account has reached the download cap, additional downloads subject to. When a series of robberies is committed in his style, john. Kelly was born in philadelphia and later became princess grace after marrying monacos prince rainier iii. Revel in the glamour and glitz that is the french riviera, monaco and cannes. Close out your cote dazur vacation with a sunset boat ride with a skipper or rent one yourself. Grace patricia kelly november 12, 1929 september 14, 1982 was an american film actress who, after starring in several significant films in the early to mid1950s, became princess of monaco by marrying prince rainier iii in april 1956 after embarking on an acting career in 1950 when she was 20, kelly appeared in new york city theatrical productions and more than 40 episodes of live. As princess grace, kelly pursued a love of flowers that began in philadelphia. Prince rainier iii of monaco and his fiancee, american actress grace kelly, are all smiles aboard the princes yacht deo juvante ii on april 12, 1956 in monte carlos harbor.

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