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If the workspace is filled from outside its called an outside impinged radial piston. Bombas recirculadoras n r2t irg 2950 rpm r4t irg 1450. The pistons 7 are positioned radially to the crankshaft and are contained within the pump housing 1. End cap pump cross section f125 to 101, iso technical information frame size f1 25 41 51 61 81 101 displacement cm3rev 25. The working pistons extend in a radial direction symmetrically around the drive shaft. Wellxtrol professional prepressurized as seen on water. Wellxtrol professional has a sealed in air chamber that is prepressurized before it leaves our factory. Todas las categorias principales fabricantes catalogos pdf fabricantes. Back pullout design eliminates the need to disturb piping should the pump ever require service in addition the casing stays in the line. When the pressure in the chamber reaches cutout pressure, the pump stops. Moreover, beinlich offers the product series trdtrgd with coated pistons for poorly and nonlubricating media.

Voltage y frecuencia 3 fases, 60 hz, 208230460 vac 17503500 rpm 3 fases, 60 hz, 575 vac 17503500 rpm 3 fases, 50 hz, 208220380415 vac 15003000 rpm e. Ddd 114 x 1 12 5fpddd1s 93176928 27 5fpddd1t 93177991 27 34 7fpddd1s 93176936 31 7fpddd1t 93178007 31 1 1fpddd1s 93176944 33 1fpddd1t 93178015 33. When the pump starts, water enters the wellxtrol professional. Rexroth pumps are designed as a solution point of view where the products are compatible with each other in order to provide a whole portfolio for our customers. Casing is close grain iron of 30,000 psi minimum tensile strength. The horse power control type c provides the benefit of the load sensing control, plus the ability to limit the input power the pump will draw. Series pvplus horse powertorque controls with load sensing. Sheppard radial piston high pressure pumps transmit the torque applied to the gear 5, or other driving device, to the crankshaft 2 which contains fixed eccentrics. Vp1 pump variable displacement vp1045075 cross section 1.

Truck hydraulics f1 pump fixed displacement specifications 1. The stroke of each piston is caused by an eccentric drive shaft or an external eccentric tappet e. It is the responsibility of the employer to place this information in the hands of the operator. When filling the workspace of the pumping pistons from inside e.

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