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If still white screen, restore firmware with itunes. Can i sell my phone if its broken or the screen is cracked. When your iphone 3gs needs anything from a screen repair to a battery replacement, cpr has the parts, tools, and experience to get the job done right quickly and hasslefree. Select the carrier, capacity, color, and condition of your iphone 3gs to get the trending price of similar, recently sold phones.

If still white screen and you have warranty or applecare coverage, take iphone to apple for resolution of the problem. Selling your broken iphone is easy and fast with onrecycle. The glass screen and the lcd are two separate components within the iphone, so cracking your screen doesnt necessarily mean you have broken. Sell my iphone apple iphone trade in best price guarantee. Sell my broken iphone sell broken iphones for cash zapper. Selling through buyback boss is the best way to get fast cash for your iphone, samsung, or any other used device you want to sell. If your iphone is from a different carrier, you might have chosen the wrong iphone. Get the most cash for your broken iphone with onrecycle. The screen is lifting so will need to be stuck back down. If you are looking to trade in a iphone 3gs for cash then is the right place. Packing materials are only available for certain products. We ask about your devices condition and identify its specifics then offer you an instant estimate.

If you are looking to sell your used mac, iphone, ipad or other apple product, youve come to the right place. It has no scratches at all, no use of wear, no smudges. Youll just need a few tools and a new digitizer assembly to make your broken iphone 3g or 3gs good as new. Youd be surprised how much money you can make for a device even if it is damaged i. Whether cracked glass, water damage, battery or screen replacement, swappa can help you find your best repair option. That means your cracked iphone is actually worth quite a bit. If you want to sell a cracked phone use sellcell to. If your iphone 3gs was dropped or struck hard enough to crack or break the glass, chances are you may have damaged the lcd screen as well please note. At zapper, we want your unwanted or broken iphone 6s. Sell your used mac, iphone, ipad, macbook, macbook pro, imac. May 30, 2018 the most common ways for an iphone to break are a cracked screen, water damage and a broken lcd screen. Get quick cash for your broken phone, broken tablet, or other broken electronic device. Replace the broken back glass or back housing assembly on your iphone.

Dont worry if your iphone is broken or damaged many phone recyclers will still buy it, even with a cracked screen, broken buttons, power issues, or a lot of chips and dents. If you accept this offer, we send you a prepaid shipping label to ship your iphone. Selling a broken iphone has never been easier than with us because its a hasslefree service. But you iphone is broken doesnt mean it has lost its value, you may be even easier to sell broken iphone as normal used iphone. There are a few small cracks on the back but doesnt affect use. Gazelle is a superfast and efficient way to sell iphones, no matter where you. If you want to sell your broken iphone 3gs that has a cracked screen or thats not working or want to sell your working iphone, our iphone 3gs buyback program is here for you, just answer the questions above and you will find out how much your iphone is worth. Sell my iphone online or find iphone trade in value. Sell my iphone 3gs 8gb mobile phone at money 4 my tech. Front face panel repair replacement, replace your broken damaged cracked shattered outside lens glass cover. Sell us your broken iphone and use the money to buy a new one.

At sellmymobile, we want to make sure you get the best deal for your unused tech. Dont just throw away cash, trade with zapper today and line your pockets with cash. We have something that will cheer you up you can sell broken iphone for money. Cover your device from accidental damage including the most common issues like liquid damage, cracked screen. Where the iphone 3g sold well, the iphone 3gs 8gb sold far better than anyone at apple could have hoped.

Apple wont replace any of their products for usercaused damage. This means were ready to make an offer on your cracked iphone 7, broken iphone 6 plus, or other acceptable models. Sell your broken iphone screens to lcdcrack and get the best prices. Iphone 3gs 16gb back housing cracked my iphone has a big crack, like i can fit my finger nail in it. Sell your apple iphone 3gs 8gb by having our buyers compete. To sell your old iphone or not to sell, that is the question. Sell iphone iphone buyback and trade in buybackworld. Cell phone screen digitizers for iphone 3gs for sale ebay. With sales of 28 million handsets in its first year, it was the highest selling smartphone to date. You can often still get a decent amount of money for your phone even if the screen is cracked as the buyback company will replace the cracked screen. For iphone 6s 6s plus lcd replacement touch screen digitizer with button camera. Have you cracked the glass on your iphone 3gs and now the lcd screen is not working. A screen replacement is a relatively easy repair to perform. Unlike the iphone 4 model, the 3gs glass is not glued to the lcd, so a crack could just mean the screen needs replaced.

Long story short, iphone fell about 10 feet off a shelf to the hardwood floor. Just select your iphone series from the list above, and then specify the exact model and condition of your phone. Sell broken phone trade in your broken phone for cash. Sell my broken phone for cash leader in the broken phone market. The apple iphone 3gs is one of the classic early iphone models that helped change the face of cell phones. Sell your used iphone or samsung phone for cash or trade. With tons of recyclers on the site to compare, you can find the one that offers you the most money. Whether its water damaged, chipped, cracked or simply just broken, zapper want your broken iphone. Going to head down to an apple store over lunch today. No find my iphone, android lock or equivalent enabled. Get the best deals on cell phone screen digitizers for iphone 3gs when you shop the largest online selection at. Phones no longer in production, like the iphone 6s, are compared to what apple sold a newinbox 6s in 2017, the last year it was in production. Regardless of how badly damaged your iphone is, you will be paid in cash if you sell broken iphone to recyclezone. Get the best deal for iphone 3gs 32gb from the largest online selection at.

Broken iphones sell for less than working ones, and even less than brand new ones obviously but nonetheless, theyll sell. We offer lcd repair service for the many incidents that may cause your iphone 3gs lcd screen to malfunction. Mar 25, 20 iphone 3gs 8gb cracked, broken screen guess this price. Sell your used apple iphone 3gs phone for fast payment on swappa. We will usually have your screen fixed within 1 hour. With a few clicks you can sell iphone 6s smartphones as well as a range of other gadgets from wherever you are. The sooner you complete your iphone tradein, the more well pay. Considering how valuable iphones are, even after depreciation, its really a nobrainer. We hear from customers all the time, who say, i need fast cash but i dont know how to sell my iphone. No unauthorized repair attempts have been made apples repair is considered authorized. Just check the following guide and see how to sell you broken iphone on a good price. I have the box, and the charger, the cord, the manual, but not the headphones. Remember, our goal is to make selling your apple iphone 3gs 8gb a3 the quickest, easiest way to sell and tradein online.

So instead of selling to the middlemen, come to recyclezone. Dec 08, 2017 we buy broken iphones, among other damaged devices on our tradein list. Whether cracked glass, screen replacement, battery problems, or water damage, swappa can help you find your best repair option. If you have a cracked your screen, crackedmyphone is here to fix it. We buy cracked or broken apple iphone, samsung and lg displays. Whether it was dropped, stepped on, sat on, cracked, or the screen. Matt options for a cracked iphone screen 3g or 3gs. Perhaps the most popular smartphone on the planet, the iphone. Damaged, faulty and broken iphones are still worth money to recycling companies. Please be advised that if your device is missing essential parts, is icloud locked find my iphone enabled, is android activation locked, it may. Sell your broken screens high prices free shipping. Sell iphone 3gs 32gb sell my iphone 3gs 32gb for cash zapper. Sell iphone 3gs 16gb sell my iphone 3gs 16gb for cash zapper. You can also sell your iphone 3gs to cpr or trade it in for one of the many premium preowned devices available in our stores.

Professional refurbishing companies buy up cracked iphones in bulk and replace the screens for much cheaper than apple can. Our program is available to anyone in the united states no matter where you live. For example, phones like the iphone 8 that are still in production and sold newinbox by apple, are compared to the list price currently on. Sell iphone, trade in your iphone for cash gazelle. You can sell your iphone with a cracked screen for cold hard cash. Submit the amount that you think the item described in this video will actually sell for on in the comments section below. Sell iphone 3gs with any size, iphone 3gs 8gb, 16gb, 32gb, or 64gb. Since the day ive got it, ive had it in a case and screen protectors. We offer iphone 3gs lcd display replacement services and can fix any number of problems for the 3gs iphone. We actively search or the best deals, to offer the most money for your broken iphone.

You dont have to waste time creating listings or dealing directly with buyers. Find top offers for your iphone tradein from professional buyers in seconds. Sell your iphone 3gs at onrecycle, the uks best phone recycling service. The touch screen is for iphone 3gs only these tools is fit for iphone all model color. Sell broken iphones including cracked and water damaged.

Make sure to include any extras such as cables, chargers, and carrying cases. Touch screen digitizer replacement for apple iphone 3gs free repair tools this glass is 100% new and high quality, best performance screen for your phone. How to replace a broken iphone 3g or 3gs screen imore. Selling your iphone x with gazelle starts with a few simple questions online. Our iphone and android phone repair team can fix your phones or repair your tablets screen quickly and for a great price. Sell your apple iphone 3gs 8gb a3 for cash you can quickly select your apple iphone 3gs 8gb a3 using our search bar or step by step method so that you receive an accurate instant quote. And the best part is, its so easy to find out how much your phone is worth. If you have a cracked broken glass but your lcd still display normal and your touch screen.

For this article, i went ahead and called apple support and asked them the pricing for screen replacements on the older phones and here is what they gave me. If you decide to sell your iphone, we promise to pay you 100% of the price quoted or well send you your mobile back free of. However, while many people sell broken phones at a repair shop nearest to them, they wont get the best deals there. Save on cell phone screen digitizers for iphone 3gs trending price is based on prices over last 90 days. At sellyourmac, we offer top dollar for your used mac gear including mac pros, imacs, imac. Instead of spending your hard earned cash on phone screen repair, you can earn some extra cash by selling your broken. Get the best deal to recycle your broken iphone now. Sell your iphone 3gs 32gb with zapper today and receive free postage and an. Sell your used iphone or samsung phone for cash or tradein value today. I would probably do that if i cracked the screen, that would. Okay so i know it probably isnt worth anything but i wanna sell it for a little money, its go 16gbs i think and the screen is barely scratched. If you want to sell your broken iphone 3gs that has a cracked screen or thats not working or want to sell your working iphone, our iphone 3gs buyback program.

However, we have something that will cheer you up you can sell broken iphone for money. The best ways to sell or trade in your old iphone for 2020. Our online quotes are very precise for broken or good. Most of our work can be completed in a number of hours so youll be back scrolling through your news feed and sharing your photos. This product does recommend a particular video to watch, but they were demonstrating on a perfectly good iphone, therefore it didnt really show what to expect when working on a cracked screen. Instead of spending your hard earned cash on phone screen repair, you can earn some extra cash by selling your broken phone. All i know if that the end of the wire on the lcd that they sent me did not match the end of the wire on the broken lcd that connects to my phone so their lcd wasnt even compatible with my iphone 3gs. I dont know what is so difficult about sending an iphone 3gs lcd replacement screen like they advertised. Sell your used mac, iphone, ipad, macbook, macbook pro. There is a good chance that even if youve cracked the screen on your iphone, the lcd touchscreen will still be fully functional.

Glyde used phone website sell iphones and samsung phones. Sell my iphone online or find iphone trade in value igotoffer. For apple iphone 3gs cracked lcd glass digitizer touch screen. We also pay you to sell your cracked, broken and water damaged devices as well. Get an instant value of your broken and damaged screens, see our buyback prices. If still white screen, turn off iphone 3gs, carefully open iphone. Im going to sell my iphone 4s, ive used it for a couple of months. If you have a cracked broken glass but your lcd still display normal and your touch screen function may or may not working properly then this is the correct replacement part. This is because the iphone 3gs, iphone 4 and iphone 4s would all be out of warranty repairs and would depend on whether or not they have the parts for those phones. Recycle your apple iphone 3gs 16gb and compare 28 quotes.

Tradein devices sell your used iphone or samsung phone for cash or tradein value today. This tutorial will also work for the iphone 3g, however, be sure to purchase the correct parts. We make you a fast offer and cover all shipping costs. We offer excellent deals, free postage and a range of payment methods to suit you. Best iphone 3g repair video fix cracked glass fast. My phone also decides to shut off randomly and will not turn back on till plugged in. Sell iphone 3gs 8gb sell my iphone 3gs 8gb for cash zapper. Glass and lcd screen repair on any iphone ipad samsung or laptop model can be done usually same day at our cell phone repair store.

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